"They are extravagent, often said to be dripping in jewels."

Vintage Jewellery Pearl Earrings Francesca Elliott

Louis Kramer

Learn more about one of the most influential jewellery designers of the 20th century.

Louis Kramer founded the Kramer Jewellery Creations company during the Second World War. From the off Kramer was known for original designs and high quality materials. The Kramer brand favoured organic motifs such as flowers and enamel leaves and this playful exuberance spoke to what Dior was trying to achieve with costume jewellery during the era of ‘The New Look.’


Kramer joined Dior during the 50’s and 60’s and produced some beautiful jewellery for the house of Dior during that time. These days the collections produced by Kramer for Dior are some of the most highly sought after pieces in the world of costume jewellery. Kramer’s pieces for Dior are chacterised by the generous use of the Swarovski Aurora Borealis crystal, baroque faux pearls and petal shaped pastes. They are extravagant, often said to be dripping in jewels.