"Each holiday season we all want to find the perfect gift...vintage jewellery is unique...vintage jewellery is sustainable."

Chief Style Officer

Want a Sustainable, Unique Gift to give this Christmas?

go for vintage jewellery.

Each holiday season we all want to find the perfect gift for our dear friend, partner or beloved relative. It can be a trial. But this year giving the gift of vintage jewellery solves all of these problems. By its very nature vintage jewellery is unique: you are highly unlikely to see anyone else wearing it and our rarity rating means you can pick the level of exclusivity you want. 

The range of gifts we have means you can meet your price point whilst choosing something that will blend with the personality and style of the person you are gifting too. And, most importantly, vintage jewellery is sustainable: no new resources are used in making the gift and we package it in a sustainable microfiber pouch, sustainable ecommerce box and a vintage scarf for protection, use the scarf to wrap other gifts or wear it! 

To us, jewellery is about expression. We’ve gathered together these beautiful pieces so that you can give something that expresses how you feel. Vintage Jewellery isn’t dictated by the trends of today, it is timeless and it is classic. Giving one of these pieces brings a part of history to life and contributes to your loved one’s own unique style and sense of self. 

Buying vintage can be challenging so these words of guidance from our CSO will be helpful: 

  • Think about what type of jewellery they wear now and follow the same style. For example if your mother loves discreet stud earrings search our pierced earrings and maybe pick classic pearls. If your partner likes exuberant pieces go for a statement coloured stone choker necklace or large statement earrings. If you are unsure of their taste, pick something timeless and versatile like a long rope chain or a Dior bangle
  • Look at our blog guide on clip on earrings. There are many more clip on styles and whilst your giftee may not wear them now they will soon adopt them. 
  • Consider whether your giftee has other vintage pieces or this will be the start of their collection. If they have other pieces follow the same style and era. If this is the start of their collection, consider pieces from a designer they can identify with like Dior. You can branch out to Dior’s Designers like Grossé and Monet for your next purchase!
  • Because the jewellery is vintage, with many pieces over fifty years old, some may have minor blemishes or signs of use. Whilst we try our best to find pieces in perfect condition some are just too beautiful to let a small blemish put us off. You can find an in-depth description of our condition scale HERE and if you have any other questions just email us or message us on Instagram.
  • Remember we offer a No Regrets policy and over the holiday season we extend the deadline for returns to mid January. So if there are no squeals of delight on receiving the gift your select just return it in the original condition and we will replace it with a piece of your giftee’s choice. 

We have used our expertise and passion to curate these collections for you so that you can find the best that vintage costume jewellery has to offer, all in one place. We are here to take away all the risk and guesswork of buying vintage jewellery by delivering you the most beautiful pieces out there in the best condition possible.

The gift of  vintage jewellery says you have been thoughtful, sustainable and generous.