“Dior has been a giant in the fashion world since the 1950's”

Christian Dior

learn more about one of the most influential fashion houses in history

In 1947 The House of Dior entered the world of fashion with the innovative ‘New Look.’ Accentuating the feminine silhouette through narrow waistlines and full skirts, the 1947 Spring/Summer collection is a cornerstone of contemporary fashion. The inaugural collection of the House of Dior signified a return to feminine opulence following the restrictive uniformity of the Second World War. In this way Dior not only created a new look, he offered women a new outlook and a license to say yes to understated indulgence and unwavering style.

The New Look also changed the way that jewellery was thought about in the world of haute couture. Dior elevated jewellery from the position of quiet accessory to vital statement. For Dior jewellery was as much a part of fashion as clothing and at the time this was a great innovation. How Dior envisioned the use of jewellery alongside clothing resonates with the needs of the fashion industry today. The New Look was characterised by simple, elegant, high-quality garments accented by bold and beautiful jewellery. Using vintage jewellery to make a statement alongside a high-quality capsule wardrobe is a way that we can be both stylish and sustainable today.

This post-war opulence is best characterised by the liberal use of Swarovski crystals on Dior jewellery. In 1956 Dior partnered with the Austrian jeweller who had recently invented the Aurora Borealis rhinestone, an iridescent crystal that changes with the light. Many of the collections throughout the late 20th Century are also characterised by a playful use of natural motifs such as animals and flowers. You can see the combination of these two themes throughout our collection and most prominently in our brooches. Dior picked the best jewellery designers from around Europe including Florentin Grosse, Mitchell Maer and Louis Kramer, who all brought their own individual styles to the Dior name, as well as producing their own unique collections under their own stamps.

Dior passed away in 1957 and creative control of the brand went to a 19 year old Yves Saint Laurent who led the company to become one of Europe’s most influential fashion houses.