"Start with lighter or smaller earrings and build up to the larger statement pieces."

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I can't wear clip on Earrings

oh, maybe I can...

Many clients tell us they can’t wear clip-on earrings. They say things like “they hurt” or “they would fall off “or “they look uncomfortable”. With a little gentle questioning from us it usually emerges they have never tried a clip-on earring! And once they do try it’s a very different story.

Take the example of a friend of ours who insisted she couldn’t wear clip on earrings. She lovingly poured over our vintage Dior earrings but her bias held her back from buying. We wanted to help her so we gave her a beautiful pair of Dior clip on earrings for her birthday and insisted she follow the advice below. We told her If she still couldn’t wear them we would gift her a pierced pair. Of course, the earrings soon became her go-to pair and now she has the start of a lovely collection of Dior and Grossè clip-on earrings ranging from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.

We completely understand clip-on earrings look a bit daunting at first. To help you our CSO (who once held some of these views herself) experimented to find the best way to wear clip on earrings. This is what she found:

  • All our clip-on earrings come with comfort pads. Most people like to apply these but try with and without the pads to see what suits your ear. And be aware pads work better on some earrings than others. On some they are not necessary on other earrings they are essential. We suggest starting with the pad and only remove it if they don’t make the earrings feel super comfortable.
  • Break your ears in. By this we mean start by wearing the earrings for a short period and then extend the time. It’s a bit like breaking in a new pair of shoes. They get comfortable after a few wears
  • Start with lighter or smaller earrings and build up to the larger statement pieces
  • Take your earring off when on the phone. Not only will this avoid damage to any stones or metal tone it will be more comfortable for you

If you try all of this and after a few days, it’s not working for you our no regrets policy means you can return your clip-on earrings or swap them for a pair of pierced earrings. But we urge you to give it a try. After all pierced earrings didn’t become commercially available until the 1950’s so stylish women always worn clips well into the 1980’s.