“Don’t be afraid to experiment beyond our suggestions”

Chief Style Officer
Layered Necklaces Francesca Elliott Vintage Jewellery


your necklaces

Adds character to your look and helps ensure your jewellery works hard for you. For example, layering your necklaces can update and upgrade your capsule clothing. The jewellery layers draw attention to your jewellery and enhance a go to dress or sweater.

Our CSO recommends you follow these principles:

  • Use the shortest necklace/choker as the foundation on which to layer
  • Three is the magic number for most layering
  • Use at least one neutral piece
  • Add a hint of colour which complements what you are wearing and your skin. For example, a coloured stone in the choker or a glass pearl
  • Pick your necklaces based on how the chains and any stones or pendents work together to add character and style.

Clothes and layers

Some clothes lend themselves to layering, but don’t be afraid to experiment beyond our suggestions here:

  • With an open neck shirt place two pieces inside the collar and one over.
  • With a turtleneck or high-necked dress layer a choker and a short necklace with some eye-catching detail like a stone or enamel with a long chain.
  • With an event dress with a low neck wear a choker and a mid-length necklace with a pendent or stone.
Experiment with different combinations. You can successfully mix vintage and contemporary pieces. This can revitalise a necklace you haven’t worn in a while and give it a new lease of life.