“Pearls are Timeless.”

Chief Style Officer
Vintage Jewellery Pearl Earrings Francesca Elliott

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

Whether you’re interested in sustainability, or you’re chasing that Heritage Look, there’s never been a better time to bring vintage pearls into your wardrobe.

Everywhere we look we’re seeing the Heritage Look coming in. That means tweed, Chanel style jackets, silk head scarves and Gucci Brogues. Want an easy way to nail the look? Match a pair of vintage pearl earrings with a stunning pearl choker.

Pearls are timeless. It’s true that Queen Elizabeth is hardly ever seen without her pearls, but they aren’t just for the mature woman. Pearls were all over SS 21’ fashion week, being featured by design houses such as Osman, Saint Laurent and of course Dior. And look no further than the Met Gala red carpet for some serious pearl inspo.

Pearls will elevate your capsule pieces and turn a simple outfit into something bold and classic. They add light and lustre to your face and work equally well for simple day wear or elegant evening wear.

Pearls are so versatile. Whether you want to go for statement earrings, a pearl string necklace, a choker or studs, they always bring a classic elegance to your look.

Everywhere we look pearls are popping up more and more, which is great because our collection of beautiful vintage pearls keeps growing.

View our collection here and nail that classic heritage look.

FE xx